Insects and rodents harm and stress your poultry and livestock.

They can damage or destroy the structure of your facilities.

It is good practice to have termite mounds and nests identified and monitored for activity, and get necessary treatment.

We can identify and treat pests on-site to avoid sanitation concerns.

Our rural pest control solutions keeps valuable seed stocks and harvests safe from pests.

Pests we treat:

Ants: We identify and do a live spray on ant populations.

Bed Bugs: Heat control is a great technique for killing bed bugs.

Bee and Wasp: With a specially designed bee and wasp spray, we are able to remove nests quickly.

Birds: Birds can be kept away using traps, as well as scare tactics, noise makers, and other techniques.

Cockroaches: Doing a pre-spray or live spray on cockroach populations can greatly reduce infestations.

Rats: We will set up rodent bait stations or specially designed traps where baits cannot be used.

Silverfish: Eliminated using through crack, crevis and void treatment.

Spiders: Getting spiders out of inaccesssible and other dark areas can be done by a dusting application to ceiling and wall cavities.

Termites: The current statistic is that termite’s effect 1 in 4 homes. Using a termite bait can be a very effective way of reducing termite pressure on structures.

Before purchasing a property you should do a pest inspection.

If you are purchasing a home anywhere in the Darling Downs area, please contact us for a pre-purchase inspection.

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